Donald Russell meat delivery

Here at Donald Russell, we aim to provide you with the best quality and service possible. We use national couriers to deliver your order, which is professionally shock frozen at no extra charge then securely packed in our pioneering chilled boxes. This ensures you can enjoy restaurant quality produce, that’s been delivered direct to your door.

Delivery Options

Standard delivery fee*

€19.00 (all day delivery service, Wednesday - Thursday , to a single Republic of Ireland address)

FREE Delivery on all orders over €249 or more

Minimum order value €150.

*standard delivery charge includes gross weight and packaging of order


Delivery date

Your order leaves us on Monday mornings, which means it will be with you on Wednesday (depending on where you are located, it could be either a day earlier or later).

Your order will be delivered between 8.00am and 6.00pm. We can't give you an exact time for delivery, but you can ask the driver to leave it somewhere safe if you're out. Please attach a signed note with instructions for the driver, such as a neighbour's address, or a safe place to leave your box such as a patio or garage.

You can also arrange delivery to your workplace, or to a neighbour or friend if it's more convenient, at no extra charge.

Please note that that delivery dates may be affected by public and bank holidays in either the UK or in the Republic of Ireland. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to call us on 01 437 8828 and we'll answer any queries you might have.

Delivery and packaging information


How your order will arrive

See how your order will arrive after despatch from Donald Russell HQ

The Benefits of Frozen

Once your meat has reached the perfect point of maturation, we cut, vacuum pack and professionally freeze it, free of charge, to lock in the flavour, freshness and quality.

Our specialised freezers allow us to shock freeze your goods, locking in taste and nutrients that could otherwise be lost, ensuring you get the highest quality products delivered to your door.

The Benefits of Shock Freezing

It's Fresher

Our freezers chill faster and at much lower temperature than home-freezing, which locks in the freshness. The faster that food is frozen, the smaller the ice crystals are that form, which means less damage is done to the cell structure.

By shock-freezing immediately after your meat is cut, the extremely low temperature preserves the meat naturally, at it's best, so that when you defrost and cook your product, the quality is as high if not higher than the majority of fresh meat.

It's Safer

Your meat goes into our freezer straight after cutting and consequently it contains very little bacteria. It leaves our freezers nearly twice as cold as with conventional freezing which better prevents bacterial development.

It's Convenient

Simply place your order from the comfort of your own home. Your order will arrive packed for perfection in dry ice, in a reusable insulated coolbox, so your goods will be protected and kept at the perfect temperature.

Your food arrives frozen sold in conveniently sized portions, ready to pop straight into your freezer. Each item is clearly labelled and bagged in special packaging that helps prevent freezer burn. Use it when you're ready - simply allow your meat to thaw in the pack for maximum freshness.

Get the Best Out of Your Food

Freezer Tips

Keeping your frozen meat in its original Donald Russell vacuum packaging not only prevents freezer burn, it also makes the best use of space in your freezer. Your meats will last longer and stay in excelent condition if you keep them frozen at -18ºC or below.

Upright freezers should not be overloaded, as this can prevent them from operating correctly. Chest freezers, on the other hand, run more efficiently when filled up.


Allow plenty of time for your meat to defrost - 24 hours for small cuts and up to 10 hours per 500g for larger joints. It's safer if it can defrost in the fridge and there will be less drip loss so the meat will be more succulent.

Never leave meat to thaw in a warm environment, for example, next to a central heating boiler, tumble dryer, washing machine or fridge, or even a warm windowsill that catches the sun. This can lead to a risk of food poisoning.


Traditionally matured meat can have a marginally darker appearance and slight odour when it is first removed from the vacuum pack. After about 20 minutes of exposure to fresh air the meat regains a bright, natural colour and the odour fades. This natural process is called 'blooming'.

Your meat will now be ready to cook - enjoy!

Donald Russell packaging

At Donald Russell, we have pioneered new ways of packaging your top quality meat to ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition.

Vacuum packing

We use professional vacuum packing machines to extract all the air from your packs of meat. Vacuum packing is preferred by top chefs because:

  • It's the natural way to keep your meat fresher for longer
  • It prevents juices from escaping so it keeps your meat succulent
  • Vacuum packed products take up very little room in your fridge or freezer
  • Our special packaging helps to protect your meat from knocks and freezer burn
  • The packs are clean and easy to handle
  • Our heavy grade vacuum packs are suitable for home freezing and thawing.


Your order is made up the day before your requested delivery date and sent by overnight courier. All your goods are packed in presentation boxes and securely wrapped in ice packs and bubble wrap. Your order is then placed in a strong, re-usable cool-box which prevents warming and protects your goods from knocks and bumps. Independent tests have shown that our unique travel packs keep your order frozen (or chilled if requested) during transit.

Packaging diagram;
Donald Russell packaging