About Us


No meat is more tender or delicious than that from Donald Russell, Royal Warrant holder and Britain's leading mail order meat supplier. Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, we are a pioneering mail order and online butcher who use only time honoured methods to guarantee the best you'll ever taste.

The range we specialise in is a broad and uncompromising one and all the traditional cuts, including naturally reared beef, pork and lamb, can be found alongside some more contemporary classics like our range of gourmet seafood, game and veal. Following customer's requests, we have also recently launched a range of desserts and chef made meals which really bring home the company's mission statement - to provide you with a complete gourmet dining experience in your own home.

A brief history

Donald Russell opened its doors to trade customers in 1974. In its early years, Donald Russell supplied gourmet meats to a growing number of highly reputed restaurants and hotels in the UK and worldwide, from Kensington Place and Simpson's-in-the-Strand to the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and The Grand Hotel, Monte Carlo.

We still supply many of them today, including some of the most reputable Michelin-starred names in the restaurant industry, from our London office where we can be nearer to many of our trade clients. However, due to a rapidly changing market place and a demand from the chefs to have our produce in their own homes , Donald Russell Direct was born and of course still delivers gourmet meat to households across the UK today.

We've come a long way in our 40 year history, and over the past decade donaldrussell.com has managed to build a reputation as THE place to buy meat online. This is an up-to-the-minute way of purchasing your goods with cooking tips and advice available at the click of a button.

What makes us different?

Donald Russell has built its reputation on a number of unique factors below and kept it through an uncompromised commitment to excellence.

Our passion

Development Kitchen

Hans Baumann, Managing Director

"If it wasn't for the dedication and passion of the whole team here, we would just be another butcher, but as it stands we're lucky enough to have established a commitment throughout every department of the company which makes us the trusted and demanded butcher we are today."


Our customer service

Moira Grant - Customer Experience Manager

Moira Grant
Customer Experience Manager

"At Donald Russell, our attention is completely focused on our customers. We strive to make sure that customers enjoy every element of their shopping experience with us, from their first phonecall or click, through to the last mouthful on their plate. The dedication of our staff makes this possible through their care and commitment to uphold the highest standards at every stage.

It’s essential that our staff can give you honest, genuine advice on which products will suit your needs best, so they are trained across our range. We all regularly taste our products, and order them for ourselves at home – how else could we be confident in the quality of what we are selling?

As Customer Experience Manager, excellent service is a matter of personal pride. We treat our customers as friends and are always looking for ways to get the very best for them, whether that’s a special request, or their regular monthly delivery. We will go out of our way to prove that our effort is hard to match.

My team are always available to answer any questions our customers may have, and we really do listen to every query – our customers’ feedback actively shapes how we do business, from our products to our delivery. We’d love to hear your feedback, through our online product reviews, or just given in passing the next time you call."


The sourcing of our meat

Stefan KolschWe never compromise on quality, and this is never more evident than when sourcing our meat. Having decades of experience in the buying and selection business, there is no better qualified purchasing team than ours to hand select the finest produce for you.

Only the best producers qualify to supply our meat and the welfare of their animals must be paramount as this yields the most tender and flavoursome meat - something that our buyers have an expert eye for. It is important that the animal must have good conformation (an even fat covering to you and me) and excellent marbling - to a trained eye this is obvious and nothing less will do. This is, however, only half the process and the meat is then hung the old-fashioned way on the bone, here in Inverurie, to allow the rich flavours to develop and for tenderness to optimise.

The standard of our butchery

Cutting RibeyeHere at Donald Russell, we are great believers in maintaining the craft and standards of butchery. The level of care and accuracy that we take has given our expert team a reputation for immaculate, high specification butchery, and has earned us the moniker 'The Rolls Royce of butchers' in the UK press.

Traditional maturing

Meat MaturingMost modern meat suppliers simply do not allow their meat to mature, so it becomes tough and flavourless when cooked. At Donald Russell, we use traditional methods to mature our beef and lamb for up to 35 days (depending on the cut), allowing time for the rich flavours to develop and for the meat to become incredibly tender.



Product development

Development KitchenAchieving great results is easy when your ingredients are this good. Because all products are prepared to such a high standard then careful cooking is required to enjoy them at their best. Our Head Chef Stefan has written guides and recipes to cover our full product range, all of which are available with your order and on request.